Corrugated Steel Containers (Tubs), Steel Skids and Steel Pallets,  Automatic Packaging Machinery,

Bulk Fastener Net Weigh Filler

Stacking Corrugated Steel Container with Offset Stacking Legs

 Net Weight Fillers

Vibratory Feeders by SKAKO

Automatic net weigh fill systems for free flowing products. Excellent for bulk applications such as fasteners and frozen food.  Our highly reliable fillers will increase your packaging speed and efficiency, saving you time and labor. Reduce giveaway with our accurate scales.

Steel Containers

Corrugated steel containers and pallets are used for the storage, handling and transporting of almost every type of product and by almost every industry, particularly the automotive, stamping, textile, appliance, forge, foundry, and general fabricating industries.

Corrugated steel supports greater loads than non-corrugated steel containers.

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