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Founded in 1920 by William J. Powell as Powell Pressed Steel in Hubbard Ohio, we have been manufacturing material handling equipment for four generations. Our first product was steel tote boxes used to move manufactured material from one work station to another. We pioneered several unique designs with these boxes including gravity-feed and drop-bottom containers.

Our customers needed a way to transfer their parts from two ton containers to 40 pound boxes for shipping., so we developed machinery that would automatically feed, weigh and package their parts. Powell machines can be found packaging a wide variety of parts including nails, screws, washers, stampings, wire products and various plastic parts.

Using the same high-quality engineering techniques, we began producing stainless steel net weigh packaging systems for food products. These products included frozen pastas, cut fruit and vegetables, frozen french fries and dog food. Our packaging systems can fill individual bags or boxes up to 55 pounds.


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