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Powell Systems corrugated steel containers add strength by the method of manufacturing. Corrugating, for example, provides rigidity and resistance to bending.  Lap seam welds provide additional strength. Corners are formed as an integral part of the container, rather than welded. Leg design provides additional base strength, and safe stacking. Formed top flanges keep the container side straight and parallel, which provides additional stacking safety.

Industry uses corrugated steel containers because they possess a high strength to weight ratio; design in flexible; are durable; provide maximum protection for the contents; are practically maintenance free; a wide variety of options are available; can be used with any handling device; are safe and easy to stack.

Standard units consist of a two-piece box welded to a platform skid base, or a corrugated bottom with stacking legs.

Many other designs are offered, such as: tapered end bodies; bottom dumps; roll-over units; crane handling accessories; skid bases; corrugated metal pallets; boxes with wire mesh panels; hinged doors; sliding doors; heavy duty forging boxes, etc.

The advantages of Corrugated Steel Containers are:

  • The strength they provide in continuous shop use.
  • Resist damage from chemicals.
  • Can be galvanized for outside use.
  • Fireproof.
  • Easily cleaned with liquid or steam.

Corrugated steel pallets offer the same advantages as above. They will not warp and come apart. They are manufactured to close tolerances and will not splinter and contaminate critical materials.

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