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The Powell AWC Series can handle most any type of product that will move over a vibratory feed pan. The product moves over a vibratory feed pan (or several feed pans) into a weigh hopper. The hopper is mounted on one or two strain-gauge load cells that communicate with the microprocessor. When the programmed weight is reached, the vibratory feed stops and the hopper dumps into a bag, box or other selected container. Changeover to different size and types of packages is quick and easy. And each product setup can be stored in the microprocessor for easy recall. Packages will never be under weight and giveaways can average less than 1/8 oz. for smaller pieces.

High Volume Stainless Net Weigh Filler


Read an article from Packaging Digest about this machine. (PDF 381K)



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For certain products with a uniform piece weight, the AWC Series also can be set up to package a specific piece count. In many instances, the versatile AWC Series can handle a variety of products and package types with the same machine. Package weight capabilities range from less than one pound to over 50 pounds-fresh, frozen or dry. All surfaces are stainless steel and high-pressure washdown rated. Each AWC system is USDA and dairy-grading approved.

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